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10th Mar 2014

As of late, we've had three token fights with PROX12, two of which they dropped. I'm sure they will drop more on us in the future as it's quite unexpected and the fights have been similar, so I'd like to give some advice.

1. Join raid team. Doesn't matter where you are, even if you're in a different map. If you're in an instance, leave it. If you're running an escort, leave it. We need to know where you are to make sure you are safe.
2. Group up with us. We will give out coordinates and if needed, we'll send out some strong people to walk with you from wherever you are or ported to. Stick together, do not go too far ahead or stay too far behind.
3. Identify musicians and weiqi players. Even if you're great at pvp, we need you for this! Weiqi players will be given assistant so that they can set arrays. Six man arrays are best, but three man arrays work too, so do whatever works best. For music players, please find a good hidden spot, you don't want the enemy to know where you are and kill you. HP music, MP music, movement speed music. If someone is playing one already, please choose another. If you need pills, just ask Hoi.
4. Notice if any of them have a bounty- a red ring turning around them. Identify who has constable. Wushu changed rules so we can now kill them in herbal hall if you have constable. Jailing them gives you a kill for the score and Liang too! Not to mention, they are now out of the way and even if they pay to get out, it'll take them a while to get back to that spot again.
5. Do NOT port into base. They always show up at our base and the same nearby herbal hall. If you tele to base, they will immediately attack you before you can even see who is hitting you, especially since Wushu is still opening the scene. They can see you before you can see them and they are ready to attack if they are in our base already. We've walked from Chengdu mort all the way to Black Wind Mountain before. It may be far, but at least they won't be getting any kills this way.
6. Walk slowly with the group and find the first target and jump on them together. Teamwork is needed, no matter how strong you are individually, you don't want to feed them kills.
7. Do not mild on-site heal. I'd rather you recover nearby and wait at the herbal hut to group up again. Who knows, they may be at the herbal hut too from dying and it's instant port for us to locate them.
8. Tokens are about the kill score, not burning buildings. It'd be nice to put out the fire, but it's more important to kill them and to prevent yourself from dying. Them burning our buildings does no real damage unless it's 18:00-19:00 on the day of a war. So don't bother with it unless everything else is taken care of. Do not travel too far into the guild base away from the group.
9. Stay on topic. Do not discuss irrelevant things in raidchat, that can be saved for later.

We've wiped them off our base twice before and we can do it again, if everyone follows these steps. We are able to fight them off with just ourselves and our allies, some of which didn't even show up.
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10th Mar 2014

Did I really just missed another battle?? I need to get more active... T.T
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